Not Another Timid Soul

Selina Boland

"Not Another Timid Soul", released on June 17, 2022 is the 1st Single from Selina's upcoming album coming early 2023.

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The Cold (2019)


1. Stuck on You

2. The Cold

3. Out of Touch

4. Rearranges

5. Cold Hard Facts

6. The Economy is Crashing

Second Chances (2015)


1. Puppet On a String

2. Goodbuy Me

3. Making Time

4. Wait and See

5. Gret Territory

DefiNED is Confined (2011)


1. A Man Riding A Donkey

2. Hero

3. Blind Guide

4. The Magician's Assistant

5. Fickle Friend

Orphan - Single (2009)


My Chalk Stuff (2022)

Chalk is born out of the revived childhood writings and poetry of singer/songwriter Selina Boland. With an organic approach to a vintage electronic sound, Selina performs as Chalk with a loop station and synthesizer. Her writings emerge with a new sound from an unconventional structure to produce haunting harmonies and colorful melodies.  

Chalk was nominated for Electronic Artist of the Year by MusicNL in Dec, 2020.